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In 2011, Professor Michel Poivert, director of the department of Art History at Paris Sorbonne University, described Segretier’s work as “combining both the present that echoes his living environments and a past which conjure up the entire world of the artist’s childhood, Laurent Segretier perhaps gives the contemporary image a more traditional function than is unexpected in digital imaging.”
“I always been interested in how to offer a photographic vision without necessarily capture things from the outside world. This questioning about the images’ belonging determined my artistic approach in terms of media choices : I decided to take advantage of the overabundance of images today, through an obsessive visual investigation, I collect, assemble and classify found images from blogs, Tumblrs, and professional websites. Then, I re-photograph manually again and again the selected images by displaying them on my modified computer screen". The output becomes the input, by this way, the images obtained acquire a kind of thick and tangible substance.
Exhibitions highlights
“Super Fetish, Ying Space, Beijing (2016)
“Surfaces”, Clemens Gunzer Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland (solo, 2016)

“La Certeza del Error” Buenos Aires, Argentina (2015)

“Asia Now, LEAP pavilion ”, FIAC off festival, Paris (2015)
“In Situ”, Guidi Art Fondation, New York (2015)

“Animos por Error”, Digital Art Museum, Mexico (2015)

“Change-seed”, CoCA Center on Contemporary Art of Seattle, US (2015)

“Electric Spring”, Huddersfield University, UK (2015)

“15 Folds” Everythingallatonce, London, UK (2014)

“Surface Tension”, The Space, Hong Kong (2013)

“Lost Memories of Skin”, Joyce Gallery, Paris, France (solo, 2012)

“Shift”, Sundaram Tagore, Hong Kong (solo, 2012
“Daydreaming With”, Artistree, Hong Kong (2012)

“Noli Me Tangere”, The Essential Collection, Zurich, Switzerland(solo, 2011)

Commissioned works
- Photography Director consultant : art installations /windows display / global campaign / content management - Lane Crawford - 2013 / 2015
- G GIVENCHY collection digital artworks collection launch - HONG KONG - 2015
- Invited to “the Cabinet of Curiosity of Thomas Erber 2015” - Colette - PARIS
- Invited to “the Cabinet of Curiosity of Thomas Erber 2014” - General Embassy - BANGKOK
- LVMH Fashion prize - nominated and finalist alongside Gabriel Colangelo - PARIS - 2014
- KRUG room installation - HONG-KONG - 2013
- L’ECLAIREUR, Design Week, art installation - PARIS - 2012

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